We are a team of highly experienced investment and hotel management professionals

Expert knowledge and experience across the travel, leisure and consumer sectors with a focus on real estate investment and mergers & acquisitions.  The exciting and progressive culture at Westfort Capital provides an environment for us to achieve our goals.

Westfort Capital also uses a diverse network of highly experienced travel and real estate experts to inform its investment strategy and test assumptions against a range of perspectives.

Piers Bradley

Managing Director

Piers co-manages the company, focusing on the investment, fundraising and operations, having been part of the formation of Westfort Capital Limited in May 2018.

Previously he worked at Thomas Cook Group plc, Tesco plc and is a Chartered Accountant having qualified with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.

Carlos Soler Vock

Managing Director & General Counsel

Carlos co-manages the company, focusing on the group’s legal and compliance as well as M&A and financing, having been part of the formation of Westfort Capital Limited in May 2018.

Previously he worked in private practice for more than 10 years at Linklaters, Dentons and Baker McKenzie.

Sara Orgaz Sánchez

Head of Finance

Sara manages the financial and administrative functions of the company across the UK, Spain and Greece.

Previously she spent eight years with Auxadi Contables y Consultores working with a number of real estate investment clients.

Themis Kriara

Operations Consultant (Greece)

Themis oversees Westfort Capital’s hotel operations in Greece, searching for operational efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction across our hotels.

She has extensive first hand experience in hotel operations, with over 20 years working with the SUNWING and SUNPRIME brands in Greece.